About Lorne Cross MD

lornecrossmdLorne Cross MD is an experienced healthcare professional living in Portland, Oregon, who specializes in Addiction Treatment. For his whole life, Lorne knew that healthcare was in his future. At Southwestern Adventist University he graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and the biological sciences, setting him up for a career in the medical field.

He was then faced with a choice: what field of medicine should he enter?

Lorne decided to pursue his medical degree, for which he attended Loma Linda School of Medicine from 1989 to 1993, graduating with his Medical Doctorate and a specialization in anesthesiology. He worked in anesthesiology for 17 years before deciding to make the move into addiction treatment.

Lorne Cross MD now serves in dual roles in his career: he is the Medical Director for the Willamette Valley Treatment Center where he and his team use Medication Assisted Treatment to help those struggling with opioid addiction break and get on the right path towards recovery. Lorne is also helping to reduce drug use at one of its most vulnerable sources: the inmate population. While serving in his new position as Medical Director for the Opioid Treatment Program in the Yamhill County Jail, Lorne is hoping to prevent opioid relapse, reduce the rate of overdose among the inmate population, and overall reduce recidivism.